Being back home in the wilderness of the ‘real world’ is a bittersweet thing. I’ve sat here for an hour or so trying to decide how I could introduce the experience of backpacking 224 miles through the Sierra Nevada Mountains and have pretty much come up with very little that is ‘catchy’ or up to …



In honor of International Women's Day, on March 5, YouTube kicked off the #DearMe campaign to inspire and empower young women around the world. The campaign asks women to upload videos offering advice to their younger self. It aims to ease the struggles of teenage girls through the various issues in their lives. I found the idea very inspiring and necessary. However, rather than uploading a video, I chose to write a letter to my younger self. I'm not sure it celebrates anything but the value of individuality and the strength that can be found in being a young woman in today's world.

Is this Water?

Rather than posting another written blog, I’d like to introduce a link to a bit of media that embodies a bit of the essence of what I hope to accomplish in the long haul on this website. In 2005, David Foster Wallace author of Infinite Jest and Brief Interviews with Hideous Men presented a commencement …